Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to School

I know it's been a long while since I have blogged. Like 2 years. So I am trying again. My kids are getting older(I know how dare they) these are back to school pictures of the oldest 3 kids. School started for them last Monday Aug 22, 2016

Angie is a Sophomore now. She is going to Century High School
Christopher is in 8th grade. He is in Franklin Middle School. 
Kirsten is in 3rd grade. She is in Tendoy Elementary. 

This momma is thinking slow down stop growing. Oh well,. At the same time I am glad to see them learning new things and doing so well. Go kids Knock em dead( not literally of course) 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is now my life

I was in a wreck on January 8th 2014. It's weird to think it has been 3 months and 2 days. For those who didn't know, the wreck left me with a spinal cord injury. I needed surgery to fix it and restore movement to my left leg and left arm. At this point I am home doing 2/3 of what I used to do before my wreck. Yes that is good overall, but I still feel it is normal to grieve for what I have lost.

For anyone to fully understand what I have lost you'd have to know what I had before, aka my daily routine. The day before my wreck and any other day for that matter, I would wake up at 6am and do exercise with my work out video. At 6:45 I would shower, make my family breakfast and send the older 3 kids to school and Ken off to work. This left me most days with my cute 2 year old Lizzy. I would then wash some laundry, clean my room and bathrooms kitchen and living room. Depending on the day I would take Angie and Christopher to piano lessons at 4. As you all know I love to make dinner. On warm evenings I would go on a 6 lap walk around Alameda Park in Pocatello. I felt like I lived a active happy life. All these these things in my routine defined who I am and who I always wanted to be.

My routine now is just a tat different. As I briefly mentioned I suffered a spinal cord injury that left me unable to move my left leg and left arm. The surgery fixed it so I would be about to walk and use my left arm and hand. I have gone from a wheel chair to a walker to a quad cane. I can not as of yet exercise in the morning or go on walks around Alameda Park. I'm doing well if I can walk around my house with out falling. If I am doing well enough I will make breakfast but that is a hit and miss at best. Learning how to walk is a lot harder as an adult. I struggle with things like typing on the computer. My 2 middle fingers still won't separate like the rest of my fingers. That is one reason I don't leave many facebook statues. It is a struggle writing this blog post. Putting pigtails in my 2 year old is challenging. I've had a cold this week which make it that much harder to get through the day. I can't drive yet so my good husband has to take  the kids to piano lessons as well as taking me to physical Therapy 3 times a week. I will agree I have come a long way in 3 months time. But I at times have a hard time with not being able to do all of my old pre wreck routine.

I think I might suffer from PTSD. as there are times when I close my eyes I am back in my wreck. I also struggle with simple things like getting a cake pan out of a cupboard that is below my knees, or picking up my toddler and taking her to bed for a nap. It takes me twice as long as the average person to get from one room to another. I have to think about how I am walking every time. I want to be back where I was. I was told it will take a full year to be able to do what I did before my wreck. It has only been 3 months. I know it will take time, but sometimes its hard to give time time. I am trying every day and I guess that's all that matters.